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Webinar - Biodiversity Reporting Study Presentation for companies (Europe)

Only a third of large companies disclose on strategic biodiversity issues, finds Leaders Arena study

The Leaders Arena Biodiversity Study is the first of its kind and provides a deep dive on biodiversity reporting by the largest companies on both sides of the Atlantic. It aims to illustrate to Investor Relations and Sustainability professionals the opportunities to improve biodiversity disclosure.


  • Biodiversity is a systemic risk and a growing concern for investors and stakeholders.

  • Investors are taking steps to manage biodiversity risks within their portfolios.

  • 32% of large listed companies are disclosing on biodiversity initiatives within their business operations despite institutional investors managing $7tn in equity assets already considering this topic in their investment process.

Watch our 30-minute webinar that provides practical steps to integrating biodiversity considerations into communication with investors and best practice examples in sustainability reporting.

To download the Biodiversity Reporting Study, click here.


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