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ESG reporting and communication should be as dynamic as the ESG market itself, ever-changing to meet the expectations of stakeholders and, in particular, institutional investors as issues develop. Not only is improving your reporting essential for satisfying regulatory requirements or investor expectations, but it can also help you achieve higher ESG ratings, communicate your improvement story and illustrate that you are managing risks as they appear. 

Identifying areas for improvements in your ESG reporting or even ESG strategy can be difficult and often time-consuming. At Leaders Arena, we can help you zero in on the issues that matter. Our team of expert consultants and analysts can help identify industry best practices, benchmarking you against peers to help you understand where you can improve.

"I am very pleased with the ESG Investor Perception Study conducted by Leaders Arena. The deliverable exceeded our expectations and included quantitative metrics and qualitative investor insights that are helping us increase our focus on current ESG market opportunities, track emerging trends and identify areas of improvement in our ESG communication."

RED ELECTRICA CORP | Irene Gomez Barrio

Head of Investor Relations

  • ESG Benchmarking – understanding the practices of peers and industry best practice can help you determine long-term direction, structure and purpose, and helps you set useful goals. Our ESG Benchmarking Analysis service helps you take control of your messaging and make corrections to the overall course of your ESG programme.

  • Leadership Analysis – leveraging our leadership analysis will help you to identify what ESG reporting/strategic areas need to improve to achieve industry leadership on ESG.

  • Perception Studies – understanding stakeholder expectations is crucial for developing your ESG strategy and reporting. Based on our unique methodology, provide strategic direction and highlight areas for improvement in reporting and ESG communication from constructive feedback from your key stakeholders.

  • Framework Alignment – aligning to the top ESG frameworks can help information transparency, clarity of your reporting, and align with best practices. Leaders Arena supports companies with all the major ESG reporting frameworks.   

  • ESG Ratings Support – ESG ratings provide a clear indication of how your reporting can align with market expectations. Click here to see how we help companies prioritise, respond to and improve their ESG ratings.

Leaders Arena can help you identify the key reporting and ESG strategic improvements you need to stay ahead of the curve:

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