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We look at ESG through an investor lens, following decades of experience in senior roles in the Investor Relations and the asset management industry. Our senior consultants have developed unrivalled research methodologies that track investor ESG integration strategies and their expectations. Prioritise who you should be meeting with and prepare accordingly.

"The support provided by Leaders Arena was key to help us create a unique ESG Investor Presentation. With their expert guidance throughout the process we produced a very impactful communication tool which received positive feedback from investors."

GENERALI GROUP | Rodolfo Svara

Investor & ESG Relations

  • ESG Roadshows & Investor Targeting – leveraging our proprietary ESG Investor Scorecard™ that tracks nearly 10,000 institutional investors, and investor relations expertise, we help you identify the most suitable meeting opportunities across the globe. We have extensive experience planning and coordinating impactful ESG roadshows, as well as helping our clients be confidently prepared for each meeting and providing them with valuable investor feedback and insights post-roadshow.

  • ESG Priorities – at a more granular level, our ESG Investor Scorecard™ is based on more than 30 pillars. Our analysis helps companies pinpoint ESG priority areas for investors.

  • ESG Investor Presentations & Website Content – creating an ESG presentation and engaging website content can help you highlight the most important and relevant ESG information for your investors. Leaders Arena’s team of consultants have decades of experience creating compelling ESG investor material for companies, in the form of standalone ESG presentations and creating additional ESG content to complement an existing standard investor presentation.

  • ESG Ratings Support – ESG ratings agencies are a key stakeholder group that has substantial influence over investor decision-making. Click here to see how we help companies prioritise, respond to and improve their ESG ratings.

Leaders Arena can help you understand your target ESG investors, stakeholders and their key ESG priorities:

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