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In today's rapidly evolving landscape, focusing on ESG has become crucial for companies seeking to thrive in a sustainable and responsible manner. ESG considerations are not only ethical or regulatory obligations but have emerged as critical drivers of long-term success and resilience.

By having a meaningful ESG strategy, organisations can mitigate risks, seize new opportunities, enhance their reputation, and attract ESG capital. Moreover, as societal expectations continue to evolve, companies that prioritise ESG not only demonstrate their commitment to ethics, corporate responsibility and sustainability, but also position themselves for competitive advantage as ESG continues to remain strong on the agenda for investors.

"Leaders Arena has played a pivotal role in developing our ESG program from the ground up. Their initial peer benchmarking and ESG roadmap gave structure to our initiatives. In addition, Leaders Arena’s strategic guidance and step-by-step support has enabled us to develop our ESG story with confidence while providing us with a focused understanding of which topics and communication avenues to prioritize going forward."

MONRO INC. | Maureen E. Mulholland

Chief Legal Officer and Secretary 

  • ESG Strategy Roadmap – aligning the company’s operations with sustainable practices helps to foster long-term value creation and limit exposure to ESG risks. Drawing on our deep expertise in ESG and global markets, we empower companies to make informed strategic decisions and chart a course for future priorities, ensuring sustainable success over the years ahead.

  • ESG Benchmarking – understanding the approaches taken by peers and industry leaders can enhance your decision-making process when establishing strategic goals, developing/refining your ESG reporting and communication efforts, or beginning your sustainability journey.

  • ESG Goals and Targets – empowered by ESG benchmarking and our profound market insight, we support you in setting meaningful, industry-relevant targets, driving positive change that resonates within your sector and business.

  • ESG Education – our senior consultants offer invaluable insights into the ESG space and the latest developments for Board members and senior management. Providing a deeper awareness of ESG considerations to Board and management can help IROs and Sustainability professionals gain support/buy-in from key stakeholders on your ESG strategy.   

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