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ESG ratings are comprised of a set of scores given to companies based on an assessment of their approach to managing Environmental, Social & Governance factors and rely heavily on the quality and comprehensiveness of sustainability reporting.

ESG scores and underlying data are used by investors to inform investment decision-making and for the selection of the investible universe for ESG-themed indices and funds.


Managing your ESG ratings and related controversies can be resource intensive and oftentimes challenging as the methodologies underpinning them vary greatly, often causing confusion and uncertainty for Sustainability Officers.

Leaders Arena has an experienced ESG Ratings team dedicated to helping you eliminate reporting gaps, maximise your ESG scores and respond to ESG-related controversies. Our unique services support companies to identify the most impactful ESG rating agencies according to their shareholder base, reputational value and strategic value. We do this by helping companies prioritise the most relevant ratings, carry out an efficient and effective ESG data verification process, and help to identify areas for future improvements to these ratings.

"Leaders Arena’s ESG Ratings Gap Analysis has provided us with an actionable list of Sustainability reporting improvements which is helping us maintain our leadership, maximise our ESG ratings, and continue to attract ESG-oriented capital."

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ESG Development & Impact

  • ESG Ratings Impact Study – scoring well on ESG ratings that are most used by your investors is crucial. Leveraging our ESG Investor Scorecard™ database, we help you to target the most impactful ESG rating agencies for your shareholder base.

  • ESG Ratings Data Verification – responding to ESG rating agencies can be extremely time-consuming, but it is essential for ensuring that the data collected on your company is accurately reflected in your ratings. We help to alleviate this burden by supporting the review and response process. This support is greatly valued by our clients as it reduces the time burden spent on checking and responding to rating agencies.

  • ESG Ratings Gap Analysis – identifying reporting gaps to improve and maintain your ESG ratings, supplementing your annual reporting process.

  • S&P Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) Support – responding to the highly coveted and resource intensive S&P CSA assessment not only will help you increase your score, but it can have strategic value for helping you with your overall sustainability strategy and reporting. Leaders Arena has a team of experienced Consultants and Analysts who can support you respond to the CSA questionnaire, benchmark your performance vs peers, identify areas for improvement, and coordinate with internal teams to maximise your score in the assessment. 

We can also assist companies with investor requests and ESG supply chain questionnaires (E.g. EcoVadis).

Leaders Arena can help you understand, prioritise, respond to and improve your ESG ratings through:

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