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Clear communication fosters trust and transparency between your company and its stakeholders. Without an effective communications plan, your sustainability story, strategic goals or ESG performance may not be reached by your key stakeholders. While improving ESG company disclosures is a first step in the right direction, ESG engagement with responsible investors provides an invaluable opportunity for companies to discuss investors' concerns, share information on progress, and collect their feedback.

Leaders Arena will help you communicate your ESG efforts to your stakeholders in a clear, consistent and effective way. Companies that integrate ESG and focus on their material topics are better positioned to attract and retain investor ESG capital, top talent and sustainability-oriented consumers. 

"I am very pleased with the ESG Investor Perception Study conducted by Leaders Arena. The deliverable exceeded our expectations and included quantitative metrics and qualitative investor insights that are helping us increase our focus on current ESG market opportunities, track emerging trends and identify areas of improvement in our ESG communication."

RED ELECTRICA CORP | Irene Gomez Barrio

Head of Investor Relations

  • ESG/Sustainability Reports - communicating your company’s ESG story to a broad group of stakeholders should address all relevant material ESG factors whilst remaining clear and concise. Our team has extensive experience in strategic content guidance, full report drafting, design and ensuring alignment with global standards. This also includes regulatory filings.

  • Materiality Analysis – carry out your materiality analysis in line with regulatory and framework expectations and identify the issues that are relevant to your key stakeholders. This powerful tool helps businesses and their stakeholders understand the impact of ESG factors.

  • Framework Alignment – aligning to the top ESG frameworks can help information transparency, clarity of your reporting, and alignment with best practices. Leaders Arena supports companies with all the major ESG reporting frameworks.

  • Customer focus – answering requests for proposals (RFPs) and customer questionnaires can be time consuming and has the potential for inaccurate or inconsistent information to be shared. Our support will help you determine the areas to focus, help organise and train internal personnel and support with questionnaires such as Ecovadis.

Leaders Arena will help you create compelling and effective ESG reporting:

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