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Planning your ESG investor communication for 2018?

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

How should IROs plan their ESG communication for 2018?

ESG communication is the new professional frontier in the field of Investor Relations. It is already empowering IR, CSR and Corporate Communications professionals around the world to play a powerful strategic role within their organizations. To make the most of this opportunity in 2018 make sure you:

  • Know who your true SRI investors are to manage and prioritize communications on ESG issues. Leaders Arena proprietary tools and services allow you to monitor and measure the effectiveness of your ESG interactions.

  • Stay up-to-date with relevant ESG market insights to optimize your investor outreach and stay ahead of the curve on ESG trends & regulation.

  • Benchmark your current ESG reporting & communication vs. key peers to make your ESG communication more effective.

  • Perform deep-dive research on relevant ESG issues to drive sustainability in your organization.

What is continuing to drive ESG communications?

  • Increased complexity in regulation and reporting frameworks: 2018 will bring the EU Directive on non-Financial Disclosure, the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) implementation, Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) finalizing its standards. This adds to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and its most recent framework update, UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)…. So many acronyms! The list could go on!

  • True growth in equity assets integrating ESG: Leaders Arena proprietary methodology shows ESG investments in equity assets reaching $4.36tn globally – an 83% year-to-date growth rate. Read more on this in our latest blog post.

  • Issue-specific drivers: climate, especially for emissions-intensive industries and financials, cybersecurity with two new regulations soon to be enforced in the EU but impacting global companies, and corporate tax practices – to name a few.

Who should you engage with?

  • A growing number of large active equity investors are embracing ESG integration! Contact us for insights on who these investors are.

  • Even passive investors are now engaging on ESG. The three largest US passive managers (Blackrock, State Street and Vanguard) are now engaging in new ways with companies - making ESG communications with these investors an essential part of IR communications.

  • ESG data providers: Do you know what’s being said about you? ESG performance data on companies is being collected and disseminated by third parties to investors by a growing number of data providers. Knowing where you stand with the main providers is essential.

Where are the investors that truly care about ESG?

  • The US, despite still representing a small proportion of all equity assets managed from this geography, has become the largest ESG market in absolute terms, overtaking the UK and Norway during 2017.

  • Europe, including Norway and the Netherlands enjoys the largest market share of ESG integration. See Leaders Arena’s latest quarterly update here

  • Japan, with the world's largest pension fund (Government Pension Investment Fund- GPIF) that has officially added ESG as a consideration to their official investment principles, has begun cascading down through its appointed mandates to investment managers and is helping push this market forward on ESG integration and engagement.


Would you like to present your ESG equity story, and engage with SRIs for free?

Among other influential institutions, RI Americas 2017 will see ESG analysts from Fidelity, Nordea, Hermes, Wellington, Norges Bank, Blackrock and State Street attending this event - don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to present, engage with these investors and learn the latest ESG trends.

Leaders Arena is excited to partner with the organisers of this event to bring a unique ESG learning & engagement opportunity for corporates & Responsible Investors in New York on December 6th & 7th. We are selecting 3 companies to present their ESG equity story to an audience of ESG investors FOR FREE. There is only 1 corporate presenter spot left. Corporate participants can also arrange free 1-o-1s with Responsible Investors attending the event. Contact us to find out how you can participate!

Leaders Arena, a UNPRI signatory, is the first corporate advisory firm fully dedicated to serving Investor Relations, CSR and Corporate Communications professionals engaged in communicating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) information with Sustainable and Responsible Investors (SRI).

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