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ESG Investor Outlook - 2023

Leaders Arena analysed the ESG priorities of 16 ESG-focused investors going into 2023.

Click here to download the full 10-minute read and see the matrix of ESG Investor Priorities

Key Trends for 2023

1. Climate Change

Investors will shift from a primary focus on high emitters to a broader range of companies, putting greater pressure on companies that have been slower to move on climate change.

2. Biodiversity and Natural Capital

Investors will increasingly assess risks related to biodiversity and natural capital. Companies should be aware of the final recommendations of the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD), expected to be released in September 2023.

3. Regulation

Companies will increasingly need to stay on top of ESG regulatory developments on both sides of the Atlantic as new regulations enter into force and proposed ones continue to take shape. The SEC continues to take a topic-by-topic approach to ESG disclosure, while EU regulations are broader in focus and aim to complement each other.

4. Cost of Living & Energy Security

Investors are looking at companies to demonstrate ESG leadership for key stakeholders, including workers and consumers, which are embattled by the dual crises of the cost of living and energy security.

5. ESG Frameworks

The continued development of ESG frameworks will lead to a heightened expectation on companies by investors and regulators for greater transparency and accountability. With efforts to standardize ESG reporting still in its early days, companies will continue to face challenges regarding where to focus ESG reporting efforts.

2023 ESG Investor Outlook_Leaders Arena
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