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Leaders Arena ESG tactical support and their tailored ESG trends updates have been incredibly useful to inform our sustainability strategy and raise management awareness of the growing ESG market opportunity.

Lucia Silva

Global Head Sustainability and Social Responsibility, Generali


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How are you keeping up-to-date with all the relevant Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) market developments?

Do you know which of those impact your ESG communication program?

Are you able to include them in your current conversations with investors and to have the quick answers colleagues and senior management expect from you?

Keeping up with all the various facets of the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) market can be very challenging. On the one hand, Sustainable and Responsible Investors (SRI investors) have differing approaches to integration and engagement as well as new products, initiatives and campaigns. On the other hand, there are broader developments of regulatory matters affecting ESG and IR, ESG rating agencies, global nuances and peer initiatives that need constant monitoring.

These developments directly impact your corporate ESG strategy and communication in various ways.

We understand the pressures that ESG Communication Specialists face with managing time demands, balancing multiple priorities, and being the trusted source for ESG investor intel across the organization. Senior management can reach out to you at any time seeking quick answers on ESG market matters and colleagues participating in SRI Roadshows or meetings will expect to be briefed ahead of those events.

Not knowing the latest developments could also leave an ESG communication specialist in the dark and cause them to miss out on potential new engagement opportunities. Unaware of important advancements also can cause a company to lose its full control of its messaging – and instead continually be one step behind instead of one step ahead.  

How do you maintain the needed knowledge base to track all the relevant ESG market developments?

Leaders Arena Advisory Services has developed a unique, actionable means by which to stay current and ahead of investor and internal requests. Our quarterly trends update reports are custom-written for each individual client to maximize the benefit. The result of these quarterly updates is that you, as an ESG Communication Specialist, can be prepared for future questions from investors, effectively prioritize new issues on which to focus an ESG program, and keep internal stakeholders apprised to allow for maximum collaboration.

Combining decades of IR and ESG investment expertise from founder Miguel Santisteve and senior ESG consultant, Heather Keough, our quarterly updates and news alerts are designed to serve as more than a mere news source-but rather link the developments to the relevance of the IR role. This allows ESG Communications Specialists to navigate this space with a high level of confidence.

Our ESG Advisory Services considers the materiality of the issues to your company, how impactful the initiatives are on the ESG marketplace and how fast they may be growing. Tracking progress of initiatives over time ensures the up-and-coming issues are considered ahead of time rather than being surprised by investors and colleagues inquires later on.

Leaders Arena’s range of corporate advisory services within this offering also includes our ESG Equity Market Monitor. Leveraging our proprietary ESG Investor Scorecard methodology this study quantifies the real dollars in ESG-integrated assets around the globe giving you a realistic way to measure the actual ESG market opportunity overtime.

Staying current and ahead in this fast-moving space is paramount. Let Leaders Arena help guide you through the maze with ongoing tactical support to complement your ESG quarterly trends studies.