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ESG Ratings support

help with ESG ratings

ESG Ratings support

George Bennett, ESG Consultant,
ESG Ratings Services Lead

Leaders Arena’s ESG Ratings Gap Analysis has provided us with an actionable list of Sustainability reporting improvements which is helping us maintain our leadership, maximise our ESG ratings, and continue to attract ESG-oriented capital.
Catherine Bohill, ESG Development &
Impact Director
, Telefónica

Leaders Arena ESG Ratings Impact
analysis is helping to deepen our
focus on the most impactful ESG
rating agencies for our
shareholders... Thanks to their support
we have now a better sense of the
trajectory of the ESG market and the
role of a sustainable business strategy
to attract more opportunities from
these stakeholders.

Marco Stampa, Corporate
Sustainability Manager
, Saipem

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Which ESG rating agencies are most impactful for your shareholder base?


How do you prioritise time and resources to ensure the accuracy of the data collected on your company by ESG ratings agencies and surveys?

What approaches are you taking to ensure that you are improving on your ESG ratings year-on-year?

ESG ratings are comprised of a set of scores given to companies based on
an assessment of their approach to managing ESG factors, and rely heavily on the quality and comprehensiveness of sustainability reporting.


ESG scores and underlying data are used by investors to inform investment decision making & select the investible universe for ESG themed funds. Based on our research, investment into ESG funds and ETFs are the fastest growing segment of the market, already allocating over $1.1 trillion equity assets.

Managing your ESG ratings and related controversies can be very challenging as the methodologies underpinning them vary greatly and are designed by each rating agency, often causing confusion and uncertainty for company Sustainability Officers and Investor Relations Professionals.


Leaders Arena has an experienced ESG Ratings team dedicated to helping you maximise your ESG scores and respond to ESG-related controversies. Our unique services support companies like yours to identify the most impactful ESG rating agencies for your shareholder base, help to establish and carry out an efficient and effective ESG data verification process, and helps to identify areas for future improvements in ESG communications. 

Through years of experience working with clients in Europe and North America, Leaders Arena has developed and refined a three stage ESG Ratings support service for company management aimed to:

  1. Guide management to navigate the complexities of the ESG Ratings market & prioritise communication efforts

  2. Ensure Rating Agencies’ data accurately reflect communication efforts and your sustainability/ESG accomplishments 

  3. Offer actionable recommendations to help improve your ESG scores & Index inclusion over time

Leaders Arena can help you boost your ESG ratings and ability to attract ESG focused investors

Download our ESG Ratings Services brochure today. Also read our latest ESG Ratings insights here!

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