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I am very pleased with the ESG Investor Perception Study conducted by Leaders Arena. The deliverable exceeded our expectations and included quantitative metrics and qualitative investor insights that are helping us increase our focus on current ESG market opportunities, track emerging trends and identify areas of improvement in our ESG communication.

Irene Gomez Barrio

Head of Investor Relations, Red Electrica Corporación


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Do you know how your ESG communication compares with your peers?

What are the ESG ratings agencies saying about you? 

Do you know how investors view your ESG communication and performance?

Responsible Investors, also known as Sustainable and Responsible Investors (SRI Investors), are continuing to request transparency in a variety of forms on ESG strategy and performance. For the disclosure and ESG engagement processes, it may be tempting for companies to fall into auto-pilot mode. It is important to remember that an ESG communication plan needs to be forward thinking and adaptable.

ESG communication is a journey, and shareholder asks are evolving at a faster pace than ever before – you don’t want to fall behind! 

Once your company’s ESG strategy has been set and the goals are in place, communicating to shareholders is not a process that should stay the same year after year, nor is one that relies on the same disclosure of the same data points each year. Whether you issue an ESG report or website, ESG presentation for an SRI roadshow, or integrate the information within your financial reports, Leaders Arena helps you balance internal considerations, investor needs and peer considerations. 

How? Leaders Arena Advisory Services uses its analytical tools to assess, enhance and to keep your ESG communication program up-to-date. We combine the IR and ESG investor experience of our senior ESG consultants led by Miguel Santisteve and Heather Keough to give you actionable insights and help you implement them. 

How do you identify areas for improvement? We have helped hundreds of clients delve into all aspects from beginning to end through a new lens. Evaluating industry standards, conducting a gap analysis, knowing the ESG rating agencies that are most influential on your ESG scoring and finding shareholder views through SRI perception studies - all help paint a picture of your progress.

Leaders Arena’s communication gap analysis allows you to increase your self-awareness and identify areas for improvement. The process also helps align internal teams across the organization that influence ESG strategy.

Through our SRI Perception Studies, Leaders Arena uses the expertise of its consultants to design a customized study that provides you a unique roadmap to improve your ESG Communication. Our ESG Scorecard Database™ also guides our consultants in targeting the most relevant investors for each client. Perception studies done by Leaders Arena help close an important feedback loop as you move forward to the next iteration of your communication plan. 

Revisiting your ESG Communication plan on a yearly basis is essential to maintaining its effectiveness. Most importantly, Leaders Arena helps clients ensure that ESG communication is aligned with the goals and themes throughout the organization and is consistent with other public disclosures such as regulatory filings and analyst days. 

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. The support provided by Leaders Arena Advisory Services will be tailored to your specific needs - wherever you are in the ESG communication journey.