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The support provided by Leaders Arena was key to help us create a unique ESG Investor Presentation. With their expert guidance throughout the process we produced a very impactful communication tool which received positive feedback from investors.

Rodolfo Svara

Investor & ESG Relations, Generali


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Are investors getting all the needed pieces of ESG information and relevant insights on your company?

Do you know who your Responsible Investors, also known as Sustainable and Responsible Investors (SRI), are?

Are you reaching them with the right messages?

Leaders Arena provides award-winning, tailored, tactical support to put you in charge of your ESG communication program. We will help you attract and retain ESG capital and support you in your role as an ESG Communication Specialist. Our senior ESG consultants lead by Miguel Santisteve and Heather Keough have decades of experience helping IR, CSR, and Communications teams become more successful in their roles of communicating ESG.

Since the turn of the century, institutional investors have been increasingly incorporating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations into the investment process. Along with this, companies too have increased their efforts to incorporate sustainability in their business strategy and have begun communicating their ESG performance to stakeholders. Among these, Responsible Investors have very specific needs.

In order to help you understand this Responsible Investor audience, Leaders Arena’s quarterly ESG Equity Market Monitor, utilizing our in-house ESG Investor Scorecard research methodology, has been tracking the rapid growth of ESG capital since 2010 and helping our client pinpoint communication opportunities. Get in touch to learn more and for a copy of our latest research at:

Responsible Investors integrate ESG in different ways, and communication to them needs to bear in mind the fact that Responsible Investors:

1. Consider different ESG integration methodologies, ranging from screening for best-in-class to exclusions. Risks or opportunities are therefore being viewed in different ways.

2. Prioritise different ESG themes according to their own strategy and/or their clients set of beliefs such as environmental considerations, diversity, supply chain management, human rights and many more! 

To most effectively accomplish their ESG goals, these investors are finding innovative ways to capture ESG data from companies, leading to a relentless pursuit of company transparency. Part of this process includes the use of third-party ESG data providers that score companies based on their ESG disclosure and performance. 

Therefore, while improving your ESG company disclosure with a focus on investor materiality is a first step in the right direction, ESG Engagement face-to-face with Responsible Investors is also a MUST. Both investors and companies greatly benefit from this dialogue.

Leaders Arena will help you target the relevant SRI investors for your company, plan a SRI roadshow or an investor day, create a unique ESG presentation, to ensure you have a compelling ESG story to investors. 

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. The support provided by Leaders Arena Advisory Services will be tailored to your specific needs - wherever you are in the ESG communication journey.