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Leaders Arena is an independent advisory firm that supports Companies along their ESG journey. Our mission is to help companies unlock their ESG potential to positively impact business resilience, stakeholder value and society as a whole. 

We offer an unrivalled skillset that brings together 75+ years of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), Corporate Governance, Investor Relations and Financial Services experience. Our team of expert consultants and analysts has a global reach that is critical to helping clients navigate best practices across regions. 

Our programs are highly customisable, focus on client needs as they evolve and create tangible value for companies and their investors. We bring an independent, outside view to supplement internal resources and knowledge allowing clients to maintain control of their own practices and communication strategy. Our goal is to fully support companies along their ESG journey so that they can confidently achieve their objectives.

Get in touch with us by emailing for a free initial consultation. 


Create Impactful ESG Reporting


Leaders Arena has played a pivotal role in developing our ESG program from the ground up. Their initial peer benchmarking and ESG roadmap gave structure to our initiatives. The expert Corporate Responsibility Report writing and graphic design work helped us achieve a compelling and consistent narrative, allowing us to meet our deadline for our inaugural ESG-related report. In addition, Leaders Arena’s strategic guidance and step-by-step support has enabled us to develop our ESG story with confidence while providing us with a focused understanding of which topics and communication avenues to prioritize going forward.


Maureen E. Mulholland 

Chief Legal Officer and Secretary 

Monro Inc.

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