Corporate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance has become a key factor in the way many institutional investors allocate their money. Currently, more than US $ 3 tr of institutional money invested in equities is managed following strict ESG assessment standards. In addition, ESG investment policies have a broader influence on US $ 15 tr globally, nearly ½ of the total US $ 35 tr institutional money invested in equities worldwide.

Sustainable companies have understood that a compelling business case must integrate its impact on the environment and society, and how the business is governed, into their core strategy, business goals and communication strategy. The majority of them already publish a yearly sustainability assessment to update their stakeholders, adhering to the various standards: GRI, SASB, Integrated Reporting, the EU DIrective on Non-Financial Disclosure and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals reporting guidelines, which Leaders Arena fully supports.

Yet our research suggests that most companies engage with institutional investors on ESG without paying enough attention to the fundamentals of this communication process. Our advisory and engagement support services respond to the need to integrate environmental, social and governance issues effectively into your dialogue with investors, while providing you with the necessary tactical support to succeed in each of these interactions. Understanding who you are engaging with and what matters to your audience is just the beginning. Our unique tactical support puts you in control of your sustainability story.

Our services have been designed to empower Investor Relations, Corporate Responsibility and Corporate Communications professionals to maximise the opportunity to communicate your company’s sustainability story to the market. It is highly customizable and focuses on your needs as they evolve.

With over 30 years of combined experience in ESG investments, proxy voting, producing original institutional ownership research and supporting Investor Relations, Corporate Responsibility and Corporate Communications officers in some of the largest companies in the world, Leaders Arena prides itself on its unparalleled focus on delivering the highest quality of service, full dedication to its clients, multidisciplinary expertise and total integrity.

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