Since 2016 we have helped bring companies and investors together to foster effective engagement.

Listed Companies

Combined Market Cap >USD 600 billion


Company Testimonials (alpha order by surname):

Pietro De Luca, ESG Analyst & Investor Relations

"Thank you for having offered me to come to [the conference]; I was very happy to see you again and it was very useful for me to attend the workshops and meetings..."

Vincent Dufief

ESG Communication Manager Investor Relations


"Thank you to Leaders Arena [...], this was a very well organised event."

Steve Douglas

VP Investor Relations

Suncor Energy

"I found the 1x1 meetings with investors arranged by Leaders Arena [...] to be very high quality and value added."

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ESG Analysts

Combined Equity Assets >USD 3 trillion


Analyst Testimonials (alpha order by surname):

Kate Elliot

Senior Ethical Researcher

Rathbone Greenbank Investments

"[The conference] and Leaders Arena provided a good opportunity for us to meet with a company in which we are invested. I would definitely be interested in similar 1-1 or small group meetings with other companies in future years."

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Emanuele Fanelli

Responsible Investment Manager

Aegon Asset Management

"Leaders Arena was very efficient in facilitating and setting up one-on-one meetings with investee companies at [the conference], allowing us to discuss and communicate our climate change and ESG expectations."

Joanna Gluzman

Director of SRI Engagement

BT Group

"Thank you to Leaders Arena for hosting me at [the conference]. It is a very good idea to involve companies in the discussion with asset managers, asset owners and research firms [...]"

Leticia Padura

ESG Manager, Investor Relations


"[...] the arrangement of our one-on-one investor meetings by Leaders Arena was very convenient for us."

Carlota Garcia-Manas

Deputy Head of Engagement

Church Commissioners and Pensions Board

"The 1:1 meetings organized by Leaders and [the conference] are a really useful addition to the event for active asset owners [...]"

Greg Hasevlat

Sustainability Research Analyst 

Pax World Management

"The 1:1 meetings organized by Leaders Arena at the [conference] were very beneficial to our firm and helped us develop a better understanding of how companies are thinking about sustainability issues."

Pauline Lecoursonnois

Assistant Manager- Engagement

Hermes Investment Management

"The corporate presentations at [the conference] were useful and I also appreciated the opportunity to attend a 1o1 meeting coordinated by Leaders Arena with one of the corporate teams after their presentation."

Robbie Miles

ESG Analyst

Allianz Global Investors

"I found it very helpful to have the 1x1's with the companies that were organized by Leaders Arena, both as an opportunity to learn and to engage. The debates we had around sustainability issues certainly helped me understand how these companies were tackling the challenges of improving their environmental and social characteristics."

Dr. Agnes Lucia Neher

Sustainability Manager, Asset Management Sustainable Investment Research

Bank J. Safra Sarasin Ltd

"I can only give very positive feedback to the sessions and the organization of Leaders Arena and [the conference]. The organization worked very well beforehand and at the conference. I highly appreciated the opportunity to have 1:1 meetings." 

Odrey Robillard

Senior RI Advisor

Caisse de  dépôt et placement du Québec, Canada

"We greatly appreciated the 1o1 meetings organized by Leaders Arena, [at the conference]. The quality time spent with corporate attendees proved to be valuable and useful." 

Tarek Soliman

HSBC (formerly CDP)

"I found having direct access to ESG IR personnel from the companies very useful. It provided a very conducive environment to ask about and discuss lots of topics to us."


ESG Research Analyst

US Mutual Fund

"The 1x1 meeting at [the conference] set up by Leaders Arena was helpful as it reinforced our ongoing direct engagements with company..."

Marian Woodward

ESG Associate

Fidelity International 

"The 1x1 session with Suncor organized by Leaders Arena was very useful and provided me with lots of relevant information to discuss with our equity analysts on the company's ESG management and initiatives..."


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